About Us

IT as a Service

The mission of CALS IT and Administrative Computing Services (ACS) is to provide unique, valuable IT services to CALS administration and to CALS departments, units, researchers and instructors. Sometimes this means filling service gaps between departmental IT support and central IT. In other circumstances, it means aggregating numerous individual IT service needs scattered across CALS into a single, cost-effective point of delivery. Our administrative support aims to provide the greatest possible IT efficiency for administrative employees and agile business intelligence to guide CALS into the future.

CALS IT Staff:

Chris Arndt
Web Applications Developer
216 Ag Hall
(608) 890-4265

Phil Barak
IT Director
216G Ag Hall

Daniel Dropik
Lead Student Web Developer
216 Ag Hall
(608) 890-4887

Kieran Furey-King
Student Web Developer
216 Ag Hall
(608) 890-3013

Tom Hartman
ACS Endpoint Support Technologist
216B Ag Hall
(608) 262-8549

Chandler Hong
Student Computing Support Assistant
216 Ag Hall
(608) 890-3013

Charlene Krembs
ACS Manager
216D Ag Hall
(608) 262-6108

Al Nemec
Web Coordinator, Designer & Developer
216E Ag Hall
(608) 262-1365

Jason Pursian
Assistant IT Director
216D Ag Hall
(608) 262-9365

Tom Tabone
Instructional Technology Specialist
152 Animal Sciences
(608) 263-3942

Carolyn Wuethrich
IS Data & Systems Analyst
216C Ag Hall
(608) 265-3690