Working Remotely FAQs

What should I bring home with me to complete my work?

  • Laptop
  • Laptop bag or means to transport laptop
  • Power adapter
  • If used, MFA security fob for NetID authentication
  • A mouse to use instead of the laptop’s touchpad
  • Physical materials needed to work from home such as paper documents, office supplies, PCard, etc.

Where can I get some of the items I need to work from home?

CALS IT has a supply of laptop bags, power adapters, and mice. We do not have headsets.

How should I store/access my documents and data?

The university offers several cloud storage options that enable you to efficiently access your documents from any location– at work or at home.

Check out the comparison chart for these different cloud storage options.

If you store items on a CALS file server, you must connect to the server via ​a VPN connection on a UW-owned device. See the VPN section for more details.

What can I do to still get phone calls and voicemails?

How can I have meetings and collaborate with colleagues?

  • Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and web calls.
  • WebEx for hosting virtual meetings and video conferencing.
  • UW-Madison G Suite has a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaborative tools. For example, use Google Drive to create a single document that you and your colleagues can all edit and work on.
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for those working in Canvas.

Check out the comparison chat for these different online collaboration tools.

How do I stay safe online while accessing campus remotely?

How do I remote access the CALS file servers / connect with a VPN?

A VPN connection is required when working remotely. We use VPN – Palo Alto GlobalProtect to do this. You can test GlobalProtect from the office to ensure it is working properly. View VPN installation instructions for mobile and personal devices.

How do I get IT help?

If you have Departmental IT Support, contact them first. They understand your situation the best and will be able to meet your needs the best. If Departmental IT Support is not an option, contact central CALS IT Support using the following options. Contacting DoIT is another option.

If you have have an issue with your computer hardware or software, or with using online tools, contact Desktop Support:

If you have an issue with your website, contact Web Support:

Other resources: