Box Evaluation Project

Box became available as a campus funded and supported data storage and collaboration solution in 2013. Since then, the use of Box has exponentially grown. There is a lot of research and administrative processes that rely on this service. However, there is an increased cost of supporting the enterprise license for Box. DoIT is currently negotiating with Box to ensure the continued availability beyond 2019. 

So why is there a Box Evaluation Project? Historically, the  Box storage amount increased from 156 TB in 2016 to 619 TB and is now over 970 TB. The Box Task Force will focus on short-term and long-term strategies to reduce campus storage footprint in Box and contain costs. They will be identifying use scenarios and other potential storage platforms to address other data requirements.  

A few interesting data points: 

  1. The top 10 largest Box user accounts for 175 TB (18%)
  2. 96,500 Faculty, staff and students are eligible for the UW-Madison Box service
  3. Peak weekly active users = ~13,000
  4. Average weekly active users = ~10,000
  5. Summertime weekly active users = ~8,000

Box users can view how much storage they are using in Box’s Account Settings under the profile icon in the upper right corner. Detailed instructions are available at
Stefan Wahe, the CALS IT Director, is representing CALS on the Box Task Force. Send questions regarding the Box Evaluation Project to