IT Connects CommunITea Event Series

The IT Connects CommunITea Event Series is a new virtual opportunity hosted in the Blackboard Collaborate tool and designed to bring our information and technology community together by offering spaces to connect with individuals and groups for guided presentations, community conversations and learning experiences. 

Utilizing Blackboard’s breakout room functionality, we are able to have multiple events and conversations simultaneously, and participants are free to move between rooms. We are also able to create rooms for topics instantaneously during a session in response to immediate interests. Our past events have included conversations on work-life balance, supervising and managing and providing remote technical support, with additional space for open discussion. In the future, we imagine using this platform to provide updates, share tips and tricks, promote best practices and as a practice ground for those who wish to hone their presentation skills in a low-stress environment. CommunITea events are planned for every Thursday from 3-4 PM, and all are invited, not just those in the information and technology fields. If you haven’t tried Blackboard, now is a great time to learn and connect with the community. The conversation spaces will be ready when you arrive, so please join us. To register for the weekly event please fill out the RSVP form. To join the event using Blackboard, click here. To learn more about IT Connects CommunITea events, please contact Jason Pursian at