Report That Phish

There has been a recent increase in the number of phishing attacks reaching our email inboxes. Criminals are leveraging social-distancing and telecommuting to lure individuals into providing personal information. Some CALS faculty and staff have received phishing attempts that appear to come from the Chancellor’s Office or the Dean’s Office. Please keep in mind that the Chancellor or Dean will not contact you from a Gmail or other external email address, asking you to reply with your cell number or for additional information. You should report any such messages as phishing. Instructions for reporting a phish are available at

The benefit of reporting potential phishing messages is that the Office of Cybersecurity and WiscMail Teams can identify the attack and put controls in place to prevent further distribution of the email. Actions they take include blocking any links from the message that may contain malware, blocking messages from being delivered, and contacting the offending email provider (e.g., Gmail) to deactivate the offending email account. 

Please visit for more information on how to recognize and report phishing attempts. The Office of Cybersecurity also publishes a list of recent internet and phishing scams at