Cybersecurity Forward Webinar Series Starts July 8

Cybersecurity Forward replaces the long-running annual UW-Madison Lockdown Technology and Cybersecurity Conference. The new title reflects the Office of Cybersecurity’s vision to be forward-thinking, proactive, and strategic in the approach to securing data, research and information systems. Participants can expect the same high-quality presentations as in previous years.  The structure of this year’s event addresses the concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic by virtually hosting a series of topics every Wednesday at 12 p.m. CT from July 8 through October 7. Please visit the Cybersecurity Forward registration page to sign up for one or more of the free webinars, listed below.

Cybersecurity Forward is organized to provide Technical, Strategic, and Practical solutions to technology and cybersecurity challenges that will inspire participants to be leaders in cybersecurity.  The goal of this series to provide participants with an understanding of the nature of cybersecurity by focusing on proactive approaches to cybersecurity problems by presenting ideas and solutions through a strategic, technician, or practical lens. The agenda is provided below with additional details available at

Whether you are a cybersecurity professional at any level or someone wanting to learn practical, everyday cybersecurity knowledge and skills, Cybersecurity Forward will deliver actionable takeaways to propel you towards a more strategic and proactive approach to cybersecurity.  

July 8Your Modernized Application is at Risk. A Pragmatic Approach to Security DesignJeff Westphal, Trend Micro
July 15Analysis Techniques in Image Forgery Detection Chard R. Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
July 22How Cybersecurity Prepared Me to Become a CIO Stefan Wahe & Bob Turner, University of Wisconsin- Madison 
July 29 CISO’s CrucibleBob Turner & Ed Murphy, University of Wisconsin System Administration
Aug 5 How to work remotely and securelyJason Erdmann & Sean Bossinger, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Aug 12 Vendor Cyber Risk Management – CyberSecurity Turned Upside DownJonathan Madell, Teepee 
Aug 19Implementing a Successful Cyber Resiliency Program in HealthcareSteve Ramirez, University of Louisville Health & Vu Cap, author of Financial Institution
Aug 26 Threat Hunting and Intelligence: Reducing time from first awareness of a threat anywhere to mitigation everywhereHannah Tunn, OmniSOC- Indiana University
Sep 2Securing macOS and iOSDave Schroeder, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sep 9You Have Been Hit By a Cyber Attack: What do you do?Dr. Annette Smith, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction & Bill Nash, Wisconsin Department of Administration
Sep 16 The FitBit Economy: MicroLearning and Culture ChangeHeather Stratford, Stronger International Inc. 
Sep 23 Modern Penetration Testing – Common Intrusion Methods Casey Cammilleri, Sprocket Security
Sep 30 Enterprise Fitness: Optimize Risk, Value and Cost in a Business Context to Prioritize InvestmentsPaul Proctor, Gartner 
Oct 7 Cybersecurity Forward: Backward and Forward Bob Turner and Ed Jalinske, University of Wisconsin-Madison