Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Faculty and Staff

Cybersecurity Awareness Training will begin for all University Faculty and Staff the week of April 26.  This training aims to enhance your awareness and knowledge of protecting your identity and safeguarding the university’s digital resources.  Faculty and Staff will have until June 30, 2021, to complete the training.  Graduate and undergraduate student employees are not required to complete the training. 

During the week of April 26, faculty and staff will receive an email with instructions on accessing the training.  The Office of Cybersecurity will send weekly reminders about the training. Alternative training will be offered to those who require additional assistance. More information about this alternative training will be sent out in the next few weeks.

  1. Your 2021 annual Cybersecurity Awareness Training is considered completed when two badges in the training dashboard show green. The two  badges are earned by:
  2. Reading and acknowledging the UWSA Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy. Once completed, you will earn the Acceptable Use Policy badge. 

Successfully answer 20 questions in the training module through a microlearning approach. The concept behind microlearning is to spend small amounts of time (1-2 min) each day answering questions. All questions will be available to you from the start, but you may answer them at your convenience. Faculty and staff will receive email notifications reminding you to take the training weekly. 

The UW-Madison Office of Cybersecurity is managing the effort to provide this training.  

Questions about the training can be sent to  

For other questions, please contact the CALS CIO/IT Director, Stefan Wahe, at