How to host hybrid meetings with in-person and virtual participants

The Center for User Experience, in collaboration with UW-Madison Learning & Talent Development, The Office of Strategic Consulting, and The Office of Compliance, has created guidance for the campus on how to conduct meetings involving participants who are a combination of in-person and virtual.  They have put together information such as a guide on using the technology, building inclusivity into the meeting, best practices, meeting room set-up scenarios, and a downloadable checklist that facilitators can prepare. These resources are available at

CALS IT has identified a few additional reminders:

  • At least two business days before the meeting distribute the meeting agenda and materials through a digital collaboration tool such as Box or Google Drive.
  • Ensure your computer is charged before the meeting or bring your device‚Äôs power cord.  
  • Configure and test your equipment before the meeting. Ensure that audio equipment is available in meeting spaces. Ideally, those joining the meeting remotely should be able to see all the in-person participants. 
  • It is okay for meeting participants to have their laptop or tablet in the meeting room.  This allows team members to review and edit documentation and participate in the chat queue.
  • Masks still need to be worn in conference rooms and common spaces. 

If you have questions about the audio/visual equipment in your conference room, please contact your local IT staff.