CALS WordPress Web Services

(Just Brainstorming – d.d.)

Offer selection of selected themes, these are our theme features, responsive design, accessibility, localization, performance, semantic html, SEO optimization.

Offers child theming

Custom Plugin Development

Site migration, usually from static websites to WordPress CMS

Server side caching, via plugins and varnish

Multisite management, sub-domains

Sophisticated development workflow, version-control (public and private), css -preprocessing, build automation tools, Continuous-Integration/deployment (release management , rollbacks)

Design Consultation, user experience

Custom logo?

plugin management, updates, recommendations,

wordpress database migration

rapid design prototyping

emergency web support?

security notification?

Web Analytics setup,consulting and

Provide (limited?) WordPress Education, and resources.

Trouble ticketing system?

paid plugins. (?)


Cals WordPress Hosting

We presently manage over 150(?) WordPress sites on two WordPress MultiSite instances. A WordPress MultiSite is feature of WordPress, allowing an unlimited number of virtual sites to exist under a single WordPress instance. Cals Web hosting services manages the multisite level of the application, and individual clients manage at the individual site level. What this means to you, is that we handle some of the more complex issues, such as adding subdomains, url redirects, and managing multisite level plugins, such as caching plugins. This model gives you the freedom to focus on managing your own site, while having the option to make requests to us for other matters.

Cals WordPress themes

Our web developer team also provides a selection of custom authored WordPress themes. A WordPress theme may be applied to a WordPress site, and it dictates the look and feel, as well as the content layout of the information you publish. The services we offer related to themes, are highly individualized and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For a better understanding of the typical kinds of requests we get, see Cals WordPress Theme Case Studies

CALS WordPress Theme ( available ?) Features:

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Web Accessibility pursuant to
  • Website localization ( L10n )
  • SEO Optimization
  • Perfomance Optimization
  • Semantic HTML
  • Web Analytics Integration & Reporting

Cals WordPress Theme Design

The visual presentation of a website is very important to many clients and site visitors. A typical design workflow involves an initial design requirements analysis, followed by a series iterative design meetings.  If necessary, we can provide rapid design prototyping, including mockups and wireframes. At this phase, we can also provide information architecture consulting. Even after your initial design request is completed, we acknowledge that the need may arise for later design refinements and accept those requests. Our design philosophy aims toward a visually balanced, clean and intuitive user experience, while honoring clients’ visual goals.



Will my Cals WordPress site be performant?

“Our sites utilize server side caching, including support for Varnish Caching, which in layman’s terms, is really fast. Also our source code is programmatically minified and concatenated, and image assets are optimized for the web. Lastly, our theming practices discourage using large libraries without careful scrutiny, and we author our code to minimize the number of http requests. Aside from our robust hardware, our team of developers use smart and fast coding, because we believe performance is design”


What aspects of my website are you not responsible for?

“Because we service a large number of clients, and our developer time is needed for development, we do expect clients to be the primarily responsible for site content. What is site content? Well if you want a site about apples, we can help you with the technical parts of the website, but we don’t know about apples, so we expect you to author stuff about that.

We also provide some Educational resources and support to help you learn basic WordPress content management tasks, yet our clients can gain the most long term benefit when undertaking the initiative to self educate ”

What if I notice a bug or problem with my site?

“If this happens, contact us by submitting a support request.”


What happens when I submit a support request?

“support requests are received into our internal system, where the request is categorized and placed in queue for priority. We will usually estimate a completion date, which can vary according to the complexity of the request, our current backlog of requests, and the severity of the problem. We make a point to be proactively communicative about progress milestones”

What if my Website is totally broken and I need help now?

“Contact us asap. We manage over 150 sites (?) and cannot possibly watch all of them every moment. With our Continuous Integration tools, we can roll back the release version to a previous working state. Also, you can rest assured that we schedule regular backups of our servers and databases, so in the unlikely event of a major problem, we have your data intact.