IT Security

CALS IT is committed to improving the information security posture of the college and all of its departments and units. We partner with the campus-level UW Madison IT Security group to offer a diverse set of services, including customized software packages, network and server monitoring, consulting, and incident response. Due to this close relationship and sharing of information, CALS IT Security is able to proactively maintain a robust information security presence across our entire network infrastructure.

To assist in accomplishing our goals of complete security coverage across the distributed IT network, we have an all-volunteer CALS Information Security Team, comprised entirely of professional IT staff in the college. This team is part of the decision making and advising process with security notices and initiatives that may affect CALS distributed IT systems.

Results of our security initiatives include putting all of CALS’ subnets behind centrally managed firewalls, installation of console versions of antivirus software in more than 90% of the college’s units, discovery and removal of personal protected information in administrative offices using Identity Finder, and rolling out Tivoli Endpoint Management (TEM) to all of CALS computing devices, with CALS IT carrying the license costs for TEM for the college. Additionally, we proactively scan for and assist in remediation of potential vulnerabilities inside CALS networks, and incorporate central reporting to CALS IT of network incidents from within the college network.