Appropriate Use of IT Resources

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences adheres to the same policies as the UW Madison Campus. Any existing federal, state, UW System, and UW-Madison laws and rules apply. Please refer to the IT Appropriate Use Policies at:


All IT Policies

BackUp Policy (Novell file server & email)

We perform a nightly backup which creates a backup of all files located on our Novell file server and CALS webserver. This means that if a document or file is accidentally deleted, there is a possibility that it can be retrieved from backup media. If you notice that a document/file needs to be retrieved, contactCharlene Krembs as soon as possible. She will make arrangements for the retrieval. Please note that this backup policy only includes files located on our file or web servers. As you deem necessary you should make backup arrangements for any data files on your local hard drive. Please contact ACS if you are interested in this.

All WIscMail Plus ( accounts also undergo a nightly backup. Datas is kept for two weeks before being overwritten. If you notice an email or mailbox is missing, please contact Charlene Krembs to make restore arrangements.

Wireless Services Policy

University-funded cell phones may be provided to certain members of CALS administration in positions where the associated benefits justify the cost to the University. The Wireless Service page includes campus and State DOA policies for business cell phone use, a link to the DOA Acknowledgement of Receipt of Enterprise Wireless Services Policy form and information regarding resources provided by Administrative Computing Services.