Shared Software Licensing

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences has engaged in a partnership with DoIT, the College of Engineering, and the Graduate School to offer a shared software hosting and concurrent licensing service to members of the UW-Madison faculty and staff. The goal is to improve software access, reduce the per use and per user cost for expensive packages, and guarantee license compliance. In the upcoming months, we expect to offer several high-end research software packages to the CALS community.

As of December 2011, we are currently offering MatLab R2011b and Sigmaplot 12 to CALS. We have a limited number of licenses for each software package, and our license server will manage the number of concurrent users on a first-come, first-served basis. As our services expand we will revisit the number of licenses and determine if we need to add more. We ask that users exit the software programs when done so that the license may be returned to the license manager for reallocation to other users.

Service is currently restricted to IP addresses that fall within CALS networks and buildings. Our service will expand to wireless connectivity and anywhere connectivity with NetID authentication as part of the next development stage.


Available Software Packages

We have the following software packages available for download and use by CALS faculty, staff, and researchers while connected to the campus network via a wired LAN connection. This site is access controlled so that only individuals connected in CALS buildings may download the software and access the licensing server. You must maintain an active connection on a CALS network while you use the software or it will cease to function.